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I love technology. I embrace it. I love to see how I can make all of my tools work and play together.

My favorite tool is my cell phone. Between calls, ampoule texts, click and emails, I can act on things with immediacy, and multi-task with incredible efficiency.

Is it rude to do this? I suppose it can be, but a lot of that is interpretation by the person(s) who feel slighted.

An example of embracing cell phone technology in the business world came during a great presentation I attended at the CUES Immersion Learning Experience in Minneapolis this past May. The presentation was Relax, Rediscover and Redeploy: The Three “Rs” to Defining New Media for Credit Unions presented by Jim Larranaga of Priority Publications.

He started the presentation by telling people to turn on their phones, to stay connected, because he realizes that we’re all trying to maximize our abilities to absorb and transmit the ideas we’re exposed to. Work and emergencies do not stop just because you’re not at your desk. Some of us can even take an inspirational thought we get at a presentation and spread it to the appropriate ears at the moment it is most effective. This is a valuable tool!

I completely believe that using technology while attending a presentation has limits. It should not be distracting to others, to the speaker, and should not prevent you from being present and listening to the speaker. But that’s a matter of personal interpretation. I relish that speakers recognize this and work with it.

The people I work with, both my credit union coworkers and the vendors I’m dealing with, have my desk phone number, my cell phone number, and my email address. I work remotely 2 to 3 days a week. I need to be accessible and I am. It is not my fault when someone who doesn’t embrace technology complains that they can’t reach me when they only use one resource. That’s old school thinking in a Brave New World.

I should file this under Notes from an Alpha.


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At what point do you run screaming with your hands flailing about your head when it comes to determining what tools you need to do your job.

I’m almost at the yell and flail stage, information pills but I may have a few more months left in me still.

We have this incredible tool for disseminating the information of our core data system. No one has ever gotten truly worked up over this program, though. It’s a tad intimidating on first (second…third) look. But there was something truly alluring to knowing that if I could make it past all the obscure codes and seemingly senseless placement of pertinent info, that I could build beautiful reports that would become like neon signs telling us just what our members need!

You’re looking at me weird now, I can feel it. Yeah, the graphic artist part of me is competing with the techy geek and I still have no idea which will come out ahead.

But I feel this delightful flush of eagerness to look at the cold data and make it into reports that let us take a look at the lives of our members and help develop products that will make a difference in the quality of those lives.

I’m looking at our purpose and mission.

Purpose: To enrich peoples lives by providing opportunities to prosper.

Mission: To provide financial services that are in our members best interest and to serve them not once, but for a lifetime.

I think this tool will help me do this. But it’ll be ages before I master it. Perhaps that’s the allure after all

So…what’s next?

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Tomorrow I am giving part one of a two part presentation to the CU management team.   My teammate for the presentation is the compliance officer.  We went to a wonderful seminar given by CUES in Minneapolis last month.  The conditions for us going was to bring back useful information and then share it.

I’m thrilled to be able to do a brain dump to management about the great ideas we picked up.  I think that the best part was the solid “if you’re going to do it…avoid these pitfalls” info.

This blog is my personal blog, rubella but I want to bring blogging to the CU.  There are just a lot of things we need to agree upon and then get buy-in for before we proceed.  There are some truly amazing CUs out there that have done the social networking part so well that it will be hard to put out anything that is less phenomenal and expect to be heard or taken seriously.  If we can’t do it right, then we really should be putting our efforts into another place where we can be at the top of our game.

My goal tomorrow is to get management as excited as I am with these ideas.


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Social Media has taken over my sphere of influence. It has come to my attention that it would be a lot easier to simply create a page that answers the most asked questions about “who the heck is this chick?”

Welcome to that answer!

My name is Debra and I’m the eMarketing Specialist for ELGA Credit Union.

I’ve added pertinent info to About the bohemian

I feel so…exposed!