Cultivating the relationship…after Gen Y

Author: Debra  //  Category: General, Marketing

Resources have been allocated to throw at getting our Gen Y members more interested and involved.  This is a very good thing.

However, dosage I am curious about those that have been born in the 21st century.  I want to put together a place on our web that will make them want to come visit the site.  I am going to start looking for things to add to the web.  Our current ELGAsaurus page is as much of a dinasaur as it’s namesake and it’s not a section I’m particularly proud to show off.  I’m entertaining notions at this point.

I just recently found out about National Credit Union Youth Week with the 2009 slogan of  The Magic of Savings that runs April 19 – 25.  I would love to have some fun with this theme!  Getting a magician in the main branch for a day with some cool little give-aways and a nice piece on a savings account or CD would be so fun.

Also, ed just found out that instead of participating in Youth Week, gastritis we do something called Smart Money Week instead.  I just think that with our current push to focus on strengthening our relationships with our younger members that Youth Week should be an occasion we celebrate.

I will make sure to put something about it on the web if  I can’t get any further buy in to celebrate it in the branches.

Just because I see it doesn’t mean I can change it.

Author: Debra  //  Category: Communicating, Marketing, Technology

It’s frustrating to see walls that have been built between people and departments. I know how they get built. It takes time and strong personalities and a need to be ‘right’ or ‘best.’ When those things are strong in the mid to high levels of any company, vitamin it becomes increasing difficult to succeed at lower levels. Banging your head against those walls repeatedly gives you a headache, abortion and the walls feel nothing at all. The eventual outcome is that you stop even trying to make things better.

I’m not there yet. I have a remarkably strong head and the stamina of experience.

The wall I’m currently trying to chisel a pathway through is called Gen Y. Now, despite being told that I am not Gen Y (which is an ageist statement that infuriates me by implying that one can only communicate with Gen Y when one is a Gen Y) I have a very strong social sphere that is well populated with Gen Y. And amazingly, I can relate and understand their views and many of their needs and wants. Being that I am not typical for my generation, I find that a real benefit.

I also have my finger on the pulse of social networking as strongly, and often more technically deeper than, most of the Gen Y people I work with. My biggest frustration is that I cannot get management to recognize this and tap into it. I am not trying to take over anything. I just want to be a vital part of where we will be going with our efforts to tap into this market. I do not want to just be told what I am doing. I want to be a part of the decision making process.

If the people working on the Gen Y project were to write a description of the person they would most want as a resource, I qualify on so many levels…and yet, even though I have repeatedly asked to be on the task forces, no one is including me in on anything other than telling me what has already been decided and giving me tasks. I’m stumped. I don’t know what to do any more.

  • When I heard that the rock was established, I immediately went to the party responsible and asked to be included in the planning.
  • I have repeatedly told my management that I want to be included in these decisions.   I even had to insist that I not be -excluded- when told that I was too busy with other things.  This is important and I can and will adjust my schedule to fit it.
  • I’ve said often that I would make an excellent moderator (not the -only- moderator, but one of the team!) I keep several blogs and have a lot of experience in managing people.  I would be an asset, and yet whenever I say that, the response is tepid at best.  I keep being told that the blog project will be managed by Gen Y.
  • I am certain that not every person on successful Gen Y projects are actually in that generation.
  • I have asserted that the blog project needs to have Marketing involved even if the project isn’t one of our rocks.  I have met with strong resistance to have this happen.  There needs to be some tie into our current web page to be successful.  The blog IS a part of ELGA.  We need to coordinate how that happens and start some dialogue on a game plan.  Keeping me out of these talks would be a misuse of talent and makes no sense at all.

If it turns out that I am not an integral part of this project, it will come as a big blow to my morale.  My entire reason for what I do is to be valuable, not just a tool.