Long Hot Weekends = Ribs

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Here’s today’s plan of attack (aka Recipe Share Time!)

2.5 lbs of baby back ribs will be rubbed down shortly (11 am) with the dry rub, adiposity wrapped in tin foil and put back in the fridge to sit until about 3 pm.

Dry Rub Braising Sauce
8 T Brown Sugar 1 Cup White Wine 2 t Whiskey
2 T Kosher Salt 2 T Apple Cider Vinegar 1/2 t Chipotle Powder
1 T Chili Powder 2 T Worcestershire 1 T Molasses
1/2 t Black Pepper 1 T Honey 1/4 t Paprika
1/2 t Jalepeno Salt 2 cloves Chopped Garlic
1/2 t Old Bay Seasoning
1/2 t Thyme
1/2 t Onion Powder
1/2 t Cayenne Pepper

At 3, sanitary I will heat the braising ingredients to boiling, then pour over the ribs and reseal the tin foil well. This will be placed on indirect heat (250˚F) on the grill for 2.5 hours.

At that point, I need to drain out the juices and put them in a pot with the rest of the sauce ingredients and let it reduce to a glaze.

The ribs will finish being grilled (about  3 to 4 minutes on each side) until they have that lovely grilled look and texture, then I’ll give them a quick coating of the sauce before serving them.

The only side dish I’m planning on is some corn on the cob.

I can taste it now! This is gonna be gooooood! (Anyone wanting to invite themselves should be prepared to bring their A-game for dessert or be willing to completely weed my garden!)

Desperate Weekend

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Later this afternoon, try I will begin my long weekend. For reasons involving being faced with how tenuous and unpredictable our lives are on this planet, salve I am compelled more than ever to fill the weekend with things that matter.

I fully understand that what matters to me is my own personal take on things, and neither reflects nor imposes itself on others.

The list of things that matter is great, but I’ve narrowed a to do list of things that matter and can be done this weekend. It sounds mundane at first: Clean up the yard & install new shutters, update the gazebo (paint, new carpet, pest eradication, fix electrical), finish the website demo for WAS, find and use my sketch pad, visit the funeral home, go to the racetrack.

The essence behind those tasks is anything but mundane.

  • Yard: Taking care of my little spot on Earth to make it better and taking pride in my home so that it is a place I always am happy to come back to.
  • Gazebo: This is sacred space for thinking, decompressing, and for entertaining friends. I want it to be a place that others want to share with me, strengthening my sense of community with my chosen family.
  • Website: Strengthening my sense of global community and living up to the promises I make.
  • Drawing: Allowing my inner child and artist to grow and have an outlet that balances my stress and keeps me healthy
  • Funeral Home: Sharing my strength and love with a friend who lost her husband because I believe every little bit counts.
  • Racetrack: I could say that I’m supporting a cause, representing with pride the place I work, or networking. But the fact is, this I am doing purely for fun.

And that is the best celebration of Memorial Day that I can have. Having fun while remembering what others have done to give me the freedom to do all the things that I feel matter.

Saw my future, now to change it.

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While on vacation, help I started writing again. I wrote in the car, buy in Tucson, in the shade, in the sun and when I wasn’t writing, I was dreaming of writing.

I wish I could have done more.

That’s the thing right now, I’m feeling the pressure of time, along with the pressures of fear, stress, responsibility, distractions and anxiety.

I picked up a couple of books from my mother’s art library. One on technique, one on how to pull the creativity out of my head.

So, I have websites to create, house repairs to be done, gardens to tend, seeds to plant, and a basement to clear out. These can’t be ignored.

I have astronomy meetings, skies to view, weather to record, science to learn, and targets to practice blowing to smithereens. These will not be ignored.

I have jewelry and sculptures to carve, books to write, images to draw, and canvases to paint. These need equal time with all the rest.

Most days, this list gets to be so overwhelming that I don’t do a thing that I want. That needs to stop getting in my way.

I’m trying now to figure out how to better fit it all in. Scheduling doesn’t work with art…creativity happens in it’s own time frame. If sleep didn’t keep me healthy, I’d sacrifice more of it, but seeing as a good night consists of 7 hours, it’s not easy to trim off more.

I’m willing to sacrifice sanity (overrated), TV (except for Doctor Who), and IM time (Adium is my primary social contact). The bad habit I need to break first is that of ‘thinking’ over ‘doing.’ Doing something, anything, will be more satisfying than sitting here thinking about what I should be doing.

Maybe I’ll just put a spike strip on my easy chair to get started.

from whence we came

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Just spent a week with my folks. It was a good trip. There were a few things I learned that I need to remember.

  • Stress can kill you slowly and painfully.
    • I think that anger can be addicting. Most addictions degrade your life and health, eczema this one is no different.
  • Most anger just isn’t worth it. Let it go.
    • A lifetime of holding on to your anger can actually cause your heart so much stress that it starts to fail. For me, medical this is a genetic reality. I do not want the people and situations that have made my life challenging and difficult to be what ultimately kills me.
  • Anger can make you look petty and foolish.
    • The people you let in to see your anger can see that you are only telling your side of the story. It’s part of being an observer, this that you can see what the angry person is blinded to. Behaving like a frustrated 5 year old doesn’t further your case, and most likely, makes people pity you in the embarrassing way.
  • “The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” – Thomas Szasz
    • That has always rung true to me, but now I think it needs modification. “; the healthy remember only the lesson, not every gory detail.”

I think I have been shown a fork in the road. I will take the path on the right and try with all my might to not wander off into the weeds as often. It just could increase my quality of life now…and 20 years from now.