Sacred Geometry

Author: Debra  //  Category: Art Department

This topic fascinates me. This first video is so pretty to watch and gives the basics of how geometry is part of life’s patterns.

But there is so much more to it. I hated math thanks to a bad teacher in gradeschool who didn’t understand how to teach me. One size does not fit all. I didn’t get the beauty of mathematical patterns until my late twenties and can only imagine how knowing it from a younger age might have influenced every aspect of my life. Since discovering mathematical patterns I can honestly say that it provoked a response in my akin to spirituality. When I finally started reading books on sacred geometry, viagra 100mg I was, there figuratively, web in heaven.

I’m intrigued by the way this author has connected a mythos of sacred geometry to the book of Genesis. He does admit to some mistakes in part 2 (a mispronunciation, and 2 additional Archemidian solids that he left out) that don’t detract from the overview.

Even as a child, one of my favorite doodles was connecting circles and points. I think I’ve always known that patterns are a bit of the divine.

Sundays always seem like a good day for contemplation.

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