Delicious colors

Author: Debra  //  Category: Art Department

After my drawing materials binge last week, help I got a 50% off one item at Michaels that was good for one week starting yesterday. There was a $79 Pastels set I couldn’t stop thinking about.  (Mostly, I was thinking, I don’t have $80 bucks to throw at pastels right now)

Well, the 50% off coupon got me back there to get this pretty set of colors. It allows me to have a decent palette to experiment with. After I got done all the things I needed to do yesterday, I sat with my sketch book and did a sprig of wild red raspberries that pleased me.

This morning, I ended up wide awake at 5am. This time I usually use for working on the fiction I’m writing. By the end of the day, it seems that I don’t have any more words in me. But I still have a desire to make with the pretty. So evenings are for drawing.

I tried a drawing this morning and couldn’t get past the words in my head. I’m not pleased at all with what I ended up drawing, but I suspect that if I pick it up again in the evening, I can salvage it.  So this leads me to believe that days are for writing, nights are for drawing.

And the middle of the day is for digital graphic design and coding. I have a sneaking suspicion that knowing this can help my frustration levels decrease dramatically.

Well, it looks like it’s time to make with the digital world portion of my day. Toodles!

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