On the importance of knowing

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There are a lot of different ways of running a department and a lot of different leadership styles.   Not all work, purchase and not all fail.  What’s really important is evaluating and re-evaluating to make sure that what we have is actually working.

The biggest frustration I have as a relatively new team member is that I don’t always know what to expect.  I know that the marketing manager juggles a wealth of knowledge in our department, pharmacy and I want to tap into that.

I have an agenda.  I admit it freely.  I want to see our department run smoother, with less panic moments.  I believe with all my decades of business experience that in an industry like ours, if it’s a recurring event on an annual basis, we should know about it.

On Wednesday, I’m going to try once again to pitch the idea of creating a Marketing Calendar that has ONLY the annually recurring events and the dates they occur.  This will allow me to plan my tasks far more effectively and I also believe that it will benefit the entire department to have a year view in mind when we are asked about what we’re doing.

Personally, I would love to look at the Calendar in March when I have some time to think and see that Credit Union Appreciation Day is in October and start to brainstorm ideas on how we can make that a really memorable event.  I need to know that I can’t slate time in August for Back to School planning during the Member Appreciation/Sweepstakes event since all resources will be put toward that event.  I need to start thinking about promotions for Graduates in January, not in May when it’s too late.

This should be an easy sell, but it’s not my first attempt.  If necessary, I will push this individually until I can build the calendar on my own.  It’s just that important.


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  1. Debra Says:

    Well, the calendar is a no go. With as crappy as the walls look, it’s still deemed that an erasable wall calendar is more of an eyesore than a necessity.

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