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I can’t even begin to explain how deeply I was inspired by the Colloquium. The best I can do is to share the big things that happened. There were three specific ideas that I am bringing back as projects that I feel incredibly, information pills deeply passionate about.

  • We -must– do a superior job at sharing our stories. Only 11% of the Filene associated credit unions are sharing their stories to the membership. We are being encourged to not let this opportunity fly past us.  We have a leading edge format (our blogs and social media presense), but we are not populating it with info. I still don’t know what the branches are doing in their communities. It frustrates me that we are doing so much, but not talking about it. No one is writing for the community blog, or sending me regular info both pre and post events so that I can get the word out. Our blog and facebook and linked in and twitter should be full of these stories.  We need to invite our members to these events on a grander scale, not only just telling them about what we did.
    • I need guidance on how to make this happen. I can only report on what I know. But I will do whatever it is going to take to see that we stand out in our communities for all that we do.
  • Frank mentioned at our budget meeting that he would like me trained to write apps. At the time, I had no impetus other than ‘oh cool talent to have.’ I had a moment of inspiration where I came up with a fantastic app that I don’t see available. I would like to develop and write an app for mobile devices that enables a person to see what kind of events are going on that they could volunteer at. It would be searchable by organization or date. Imagine grabbing your phone and looking up what’s going on locally on a particular weekend. We could start this out by just doing ELGA events, then branching out to Genesee County events…and from there, get people to use our model for building this for their communities. I still have a lot to learn, but this is something I want to work on.
    • I can learn this skillset on This would be a side project.
    • I would love to work with Cheryl and the Business Development Team on this as a project. We need to brainstorm how to make this happen.

My CEO sent me an invitation to a rather remarkable event:

How should credit unions think about their digital presence as marketing moves to an electronic format? What kinds of communities should credit unions build around their brands? What tools are most effective?

On November 15, clinic
2011, join the Filene Research Institute in San Francisco, along with speakers from Google, the University of Arizona, Facebook, and others at this invitation-only, limited-seat event. We will delve into the tools and strategies needed for credit unions to reach, strengthen, and sell to their desired communities in the new digital marketing environment.

I rushed right out and signed up for this event in San Francisco and I am jittery with excitement for what I can learn!

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