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About 2 years ago I went to a Diebold seminar on using ATMs for marketing. I learned that we had the ability to create coupons for our members. I presented this info to our Business Development Manager and she gave me a local racetrack to test this with. This was the first year’s results:

The program was started at 12:01 on August 1, website 2010. At 6:45 am, page August 5, we recorded 2,214 Transactions across 7 of our ATMs (except Clio & Consumers)

The coupons were printed (on request) 300 times. ¬† That’s a 13.5% response.

On Monday, the owner stopped by to say that they got 12 coupons for Sunday’s event, which was 21% of those printed (57 by 7 pm). This was after the program was in place for approximately 19 hours.

Our results for the second year showed a 12.9% response rate.

We have found that the members respond to specific coupons with an offer that has immediate value. This is why the Buy One/Get One just described worked but the “get additional discount on your loan rate” did not.

I have always felt that the best venue for offering something amazing to our members is tap into our Member2Member businesses for additional special discounts.

We could create packages that M2M businesses can purchase, and generate additional income from the program.

  • A business would have to offer a value that they aren’t offering elsewhere, or isn’t easily gotten in another manner. This would be crucial for this to really have value for our members.
  • Length of Program
    • Option A: 2 Weeks
    • Option B: 4 Weeks
  • We have 14 ATMS.
    • Option 1: All ATMS
    • Option 2: A single branch
  • Program Limitations
    • Print coupon once per card, or unlimited.
    • Print only for ELGA members (this is not currently set up but can be), or for anyone using the ATM.
    • Only one coupon can run at a time.
    • First come, first serve for dates.
  • They need to report back how many coupons get used to help us verify program success
  • I would manage the scheduling

One of the hottest things out there right now is keeping money in local communities and we could be on the leading edge by instituting a monthly program for coupons from our Member 2 Member businesses.


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