We need to be talking!

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I brought this topic up back in November of 2011. Since then, more about I keep hearing from so many sources that if we don’t get get people talking about us, anaemia we are missing out on the strongest marketing resource we have at our disposal.

“Conversation is the new SEO–the brands that people talk about most will rise to the top of search engines” WeAreSocial.net

We have a gorgeous events blog that sits on our front page. We can use this as a huge billboard to tell our members and the community who we are and what we are doing. There are so many amazing things we are involved in currently.  I need to find a way to get the people involved in the events excited and writing about their experiences and sharing photos. First person accounts are far more engaging than passing it off to a copy editor.

As we get better at sharing our involvement, the amount of conversations will increase. When people share our stories, we will rise on the search engines faster than any paid advertising.

Imagine the following scenario:

You are in a meeting and one of the people makes an off-handed funny statement. Everyone at the table pauses a moment, shocked (because it’s a little edgy), then the ideas flow. This isn’t just an ordinary ideal, it’s polarizing!

and that’s where it sits for months. Why? Because it’s a play on words and makes people a little uneasy. Is it dirty? No! Is it offensive? No! Is it politically incorrect? No! Is it a great idea that will get people talking? YES!

And that’s the point. We need to get people talking about us. We need to make ourselves stand out in the crowd. We need to take chances and broadcast all the wonderful things we do in the community. We need to proudly boast and get folks excited to share our stories.

The safer we stay, the more we fade into obscurity.

Because, after all, if we don’t give a shirt, who will?

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