About The Bohemian

Author: Debra

My name is Debra and I’m The Bohemian behind this site.

Stage 1

The best part of my career path started in 1986. I was hired on as an assistant IT manager without any real experience, page just a desire to know how all those PCs were talking to each other. The time I spent in college only had me programming using mainframes. This was awesome and Mike Dombrowski was a fabulous coach and teacher. While there, patient I also got to spend a lot of time in the art department, apoplectic under the amazing mentoring of Ginny Cartmell. She needed an extra set of hands and when the network was running smoothly, I had time to donate. She taught me desktop publishing, design elements, and technical set up.

As someone who has a scary balance between right and left brain functions, this was the best of all worlds. As time and changes happen, I moved on to another job. This one was primarily tech work. After a few short weeks, we discovered that my talents weren’t best used in soldering connectors on computer cables and fixing Novell servers. Where I fit in the best was explaining to the customer what they needed to do next and how to use their fancy new system. I proposed creating a training program and was given 1 year to make it fly.

Fly it did! By the time I left this job in 1995 I had 7 classrooms and 9 instructors and a slew of national awards for excellence. The department was bringing in over 1 million in revenue yearly. That was my idea and I loved my job. (there was a bit of an issue with nepotism and a brother-in-law that thought he could do better that finally made me walk away, but that’s just an insignificant part of the story)

During this time, I also published 7 books for New Riders Publishing on training for Novell Certification testing. One of them became a best seller and was translated to 5 different languages. Several are still used in college classrooms.

(just some of the covers and revisions)
After moving on, I ended up managing the remote IT locations for an international Fortune 1000 company. I had a magnificent team in 7 locations across the US, England, and Mexico. It was a great job, but as large corporations go, I was forced to treat these amazingly talented folks as tools. My conscience and humanity got the best of me and I moved on.

Stage 2
From there I started my own company using all the skills I had acquired in art (for packaging my products), in IT (for creating an e-commerce site and the internal network for the cash register/accounting/ordering), along with a passion for naturally made health and beauty items. I ran this business for 7 years, 4 of them in a brick and mortar store where I employed some truly amazing individuals who helped make the business have a heart. The economy didn’t do us any favors and I eventually closed the doors to the store.

After a year of soul searching, and mending from a shattered wrist (I’ve fully recovered and it makes for an excellent story), I started doing some consulting work for the credit union where my husband worked. My role was teaching their marketing department them how to use Photoshop to make their internal work better. Within a few months of doing this, I landed a part time position there doing internal marketing pieces. Eventually, my love of technology and creativity was exposed and the part time job became my new full time career.

I LOVE working there! My title went from eMarketing Specialist to Web Architect and Virtual Services Manager. That means if it involves technology and marketing, I get to do it! This includes:

  • Monitoring and growing participation in Online Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM use, Electronic Bill Pay, Telephone Banking, and other virtual touch points
  • Designing, coding, and managing informational websites, as well as several blogs
  • Data analysis and reporting for marketing campaign ROI
  • Driving and managing Social Media for the credit union
  • Supervising the Gen Y initiative with a Drupal website I wrote
  • Creating messages for the LED Screens outside of the branches
  • Creating animated spots for the Flat Screen TV’s in each of the branches along with kiosk ads.
  • Internal promotion pieces (print ads)
  • Creating banner ads and page layouts for the web
  • much, much more!

I even get to present an hour interactive lecture as Madame Manners to our branches to teach them how to use electronic tools to get the most out of their emails, messages, and communication skills. That brings us up to date. There is much more to come!

Stage 3

…being written. ┬áThe mountains are calling and I must go.